Eman Fallah
Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Eman Fallah is a California licensed Psychologist (PSY 23432) who has been practicing psychotherapy and teaching meditation since 2001. Dr. Fallah’s office is located in San Mateo, CA just twenty minutes south of San Francisco in the heart of the Peninsula of the Bay Area and will also conduct telephone sessions wherever you happen to live.

With a background of more than twenty years of Buddhist study and practice, Dr. Fallah has been engaged in the growing dialogue between Eastern and Western approaches to psychological health and healing. Authorized to teach meditation to his clients by his own teachers, Dr. Fallah has been facilitating meditation and stress reduction programs for people from all walks of life including prison inmates, patients with a range of psychiatric and addiction issues, adolescents, University students, and medical faculty and staff. Academically, Dr. Fallah has been a reviewer for the Mind Life Science conferences between Western Scientists and the Dalai Lama and is the author of the book Buddhism in Clinical Psychology. His research findings have been presented in Medical Centers and Universities across the country.