Therapy, Coaching & Groups


People seek therapy for a variety of reasons, ranging from developing stability to further enriching an already full and satisfying life. I aim to establish a safe and non-judgmental environment for sharing and allowing the range of emotions to come up. My work is informed by Buddhist philosophy and practice as well as from several therapeutic modalities from Western Psychology. Depending on one’s goals and needs, these modalities may include psychodynamic principles which involve looking at early childhood experiences and how this has come to affect the way one experiences themselves and others; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which focuses on the here and now and helps one gain a greater sense of connection and self-empowerment with difficult life choices; and Focusing, a body-centered approaches developed by Dr. Eugene Gendlin, to help clients with the murky and ambiguous edges of their experience so that greater wisdom, self-compassion, and agency may be had. My area of expertise is in working with depression, anxiety, addictions of all kinds, stress related to relationships, work, or health, as well as with spiritual and existential crises.


Many of the approaches of individual counseling are incorporated into coaching. Coaching sessions, however, tend to be shorter and are much more solution-focused. I work with my clients to distinguish goals from values and establish how they may gain greater clarity and a sense of commitment to their chosen endeavors. In addition, clients are taught powerful problem solving tools drawn from both Eastern and Western mindfulness traditions around accepting versus merely tolerating difficulties, as well as how to most effectively manage stressful emotions and circumstances while working to achieve their goals.

Transforming Suffering into Wisdom Process Group

Practiced for thousands of years throughout different cultures, the sitting practice of meditation is valued for the ancient wisdom it has come to offer our modern world. Placing the attention on the breath through short meditation sessions, this group offers practical guidance to recognize and abide in the nature of our own mind or awareness. Mindfulness meditation has shown to be quite effective for managing depression, anxiety, and compulsive behaviors and addictions. We will learn how to transform these “poisons” of the mind into medicine by connecting to the five wisdom energies that are fundamental to our basic nature. If interested and for more info, please send me an email and I will inform you when the next 8-week module for this group is scheduled to begin.

Going Beyond Hope & Fear

This 8-week workshop brings together the core of Buddhist Psychology into an essential and practical format. Each week we will discuss a core principle from the timeless text, Turning Suffering and Happiness into Enlightenment by the 19th century Buddhist Master Dodrupchen Jigme Tenpa Nyima. Ways in which the principles of Buddhist psychology may be applied to our modern life will be a central theme. Topics will include: the meaning and importance of having a refuge and how to find it authentically for oneself; understanding the relationship between karma and emptiness and the dramatic effect such an understanding can have on how we relate to suffering and happiness; how to relate to suffering so that we can draw strength and well being from the very source that seems to be disempowering us; and the power of a good heart with methods to developing healing compassion for ourselves and others. If interested and for more info, please send me an email and I will inform you when the next 8-week module for this group is scheduled to begin.

Fees & Forms

Psychotherapy and coaching sessions may be held in person or over the phone. Please call me to discuss my current fees. Most health insurance plans offer full or partial reimbursement for psychotherapy. I recommend contacting your health insurance carrier to check on your out of network coverage, deductible, and if there is a limit to the number of sessions they are willing to reimburse you for. Please keep in mind that a mental health diagnosis will become part of your permanent medical record should you ask for health insurance coverage for psychotherapy. More detailed information regarding privacy issues as well as my office policies may be found here.